All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes that a thing is no poison.Paracelsus 1493-1541 

What is medicine and plant interaction?

People give more importance to the use of plants than before. Unfortunately, people have begun to prepare medicines on their own, using hearsay information.

Medicinal plants have therapeutic properties just like chemical drugs. Therefore, excessive consumption, pregnancy periods, duration of use and use of other drugs should be considered.

In herbal products, problems such as toxic or allergic plant, wrong plant use, lack of standardization, wrong labeling, wrong dosage intake, interaction with other plants, drugs or foods are encountered.

For example, flax linseed oil should not be used in combination with medicines like Warfarin etc. Because Flax linseed oil reduces the blood clotting properties through its Omega 3 fatty acids ingredients.

Artichoke leaves have a cholesterol lowering effect. For this reason, the use of artichoke with the cholesterol drugs  should be consulted to a specialist.

St. John's wort's flowered above ground is used in traditional European medicine to treat neuralgia, anxiety, irritability and depression. Since there is interaction with antidepressant drugs, it should not be used together.