"Talya undertakes to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and Food Safety system in order to ensure the determined quality and food safety policy in accordance with the purpose of establishment."

v Talya works continuously to establish the goals of the company and to improve the quality-safety systems.

v Applied targets,goals and related policies for Quality Management System, GMP and Food Safety Management System is being explained to the all employee clearly.


v Always sensitive about occupational health and safety issues and ensures that necessary inspections are carried out in order to reduce / avoid accidents and injuries. Provides services in this regard, takes all kinds of measures related to occupational safety for the protection of its personnel or all other units working under its control.


v Establishes measurable and consistent goals with Quality-Food Safety policy at relevant functions and levels. Checks and revises these goals every six months and once a year. Initiates regulatory activities to achieve the stated goals. Revises the goals according to the circumstances.


v Follows and takes advantage of the development activities such as training, seminars and exhibitions that will bring competence forward to meet the expectations of the people at the highest level and to continue the cooperation.