"Talya is located in Antalya the heart of the world's six floristic realms.Easily accesses the world's most effective plant species and offers the sun's energy to plants for the benefit of humanity.”

Talya was established in 2003 in Antalya Talya, the manufacturer company specializing in plant science, beside being the manufacturer of essential oils, fixed oils, food supplements, special purpose oil blends, today it is one of the major raw material manufacturer for the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries,


Talya has taken part in the establishment of many associations in the sector since its establishment  and has pioneered many studies in order to utilize our country's richness in plant diversity for the benefit of the people.


Talya which carry on a work for marketing food supplements, essential and fixed oils, produced in Turkey to the world, is  also the first Turkish brand established a company in  USA in its field.Talya promotes its products to consumers in America through Talya Herbal LLC, located in Chicago, USA.Talya is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and holds an FDA certificate from the same organization.Talya conducts scientific studies in USA with the cooperation of universities and private sector.


Talya, which aims to reach phytotherapy and aromatherapy products to more people,has been one of the pioneers in the sale of essential and fixed oils in pharmacies in Turkey.Today, Talya products are sold in over 20,000 pharmacies, natural product stores and national retail chains such as Migros, Macro Center and Özdilek.


Today, lack of nutrition, environmental factors and stress affect human life negatively. The insufficient supply of the substances needed by the human body with daily nutrition, threatens human health.Talya believes that the way people live longer and healthier is through useful substances that can be taken from nature, and for this reason, Talya carry on a work with its global standards.