Talya runs its social responsibility projects under 3 main topic.

1)Raw Material Continuity:

We are in constant cooperation with contracted suppliers for the collection and protection methods of plants. During certain periods of the year, we meet with our suppliers regarding the collection, packaging, shipping and storage conditions of different product groups.


Rural Development and Farmer Support Project

We place contract Supplier Synergy Agreement with the farmers in order to support the regional development of the  specific Mediterranean regions plants and to benefit humanity by transforming these plants into suitable end products.


Afforestation Project

Talya supports the plantation of vicinity of its facility in Antalya which is in touch with nature and the afforestation of idle lands in the surrounding areas.


2)Long Life Studies:

We use the vitality, that the sun gives to the plants, to help people live longer and perhaps find immortality in the long term. For this purpose, we take part in many national and international studies and support the studies on this subject.


3)Regional Expertise:

We know very well that not every plant can grow in every region. We support regional expertise for the protection of plant florza with raw material supply and scientific studies.