Founder / Chairman of the Board

MSc. Phytotherapy M. Halis ERTAŞ  



Born in Antalya in 1980, M. Halis ERTAŞ got his bachelor degree at Akdeniz University and studied his master degree on Phytotherapy at Anadolu University. He is influenced by the medicinal plant richness of the Mediterranean Region ,the traditional production and use of the local people. At the age of 23, he entered the market in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants and firstly he started to produce essential and fixed oil. During this period, Mr Namık Mumcuoğlu, who was a doyen of the sector, have great support to him.

M. Halis Ertaş has been a part of foundations and activities of many associations in order to support the development of both producers and the sector in his country. He has been attended to academic studies for medicinal and aromatic oils in Turkey because his aim was to be included in scientific studies into traditional consumption. In order to sell non-medicinal products in pharmacies in Turkey, he attended dozens of trade fairs, congresses, association activities, sponsorships etc.As a result he managed Talya Herbal brand started being sold in pharmacies. In the following years, he lead the way that new brands appears and taking place in the pharmacy sector.

Taking part in many local and international events, he has enabled the Talya brand to get a place international market. He established Talya Herbal LLC in USA and started international sales operations. He still operates Talya Herbal Turkey and USA company groups  Chairman of the Board