Talya Raw Material Supply Process

Talya is located in Antalya the heart of the world's six floristic realms. 

Through our contracted suppliers, we supply safe and standardized plants from many parts of the world.


Talya Raw Material Supply Process follows the following stages;

1.Accurate raw material locations: There are many types of the same raw material with different properties in many regions. Talya researches the rates of active ingredients of the raw materials by region. And Talya uses only the most effective crops in its products.

2.Continuous supplier agreement:Talya makes agreements with the suppliers specialized in its field for the raw materials used in its products. In this way, the quality of the products standardized. Talya supplies its raw materials from over 100 suppliers from many parts of the world, especially Mediterranean region in Turkey


3.Analysis and acceptance procedures:Talya performs the analysis of the active ingredient and food safety of the products coming from the contracted suppliers. Products with positive results from the analyzes are accepted to Talya factory located in Antalya.

:The raw materials that are analyzed and accepted are kept in the storage areas in Talya factory according to their properties.

:Talya separates the beneficial parts of plants with its advanced production infrastructure and applies different production techniques according to the type of plant. Talya conducts all processes with the scientific methods with its experienced team and makes the packages of the final products for safe use and sends them to the sales points.