About Us;

Founded in 2003 in Antalya, Talya Herbal was built on the mission of producing and sharing essential oils and fixed (cold pressed) oils with Turkey and the world. Having seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious resources, Founder and Chairman M. Halis ERTAŞ started to work with slogan “Revival of the Nature”

Talya Herbal developed new products to the market through its own R&D department and became a leading company in Turkey. Talya Herbal which expanded its product range, has started to produce herbal extract,natural cosmetic products and dietary supplements besides essential and fixed oils. In this way, Talya Herbal became a pioneer in providing finished products and raw materials to the market. In addition, Talya Herbal has diversified its customer profile and increased its export potential by developing products for private brands "private label"  acording to domestic and international requests.


In 2016, Talya Herbal LLC was established in the USA and sales operations started to maintain in a multi-directional manner.


Talya Herbal makes progress each day from the beginning and now it is a reliable brand which you can find its products more than 23000 pharmacy, big groceries and Natural shops in Turkey and 25 countries in the world.